What's Happening?

Are your patients complaining of long waiting time in OPD?

Welcome to National Quality of Care Network

  • Do you think that that the patient's or your clients experience at the health facility can be improved and made more efficient?
  • Would you like to improve the day to day working at your work place, be it a hospital, a dispensary, a clinic, a day care, an OPD, a Primary health Centre or a community health centre? 
  • Do you feel there is a gap between what you, or your team can deliver and what is actually being delivered? 
  • Do you want to bring a change in the health delivery facility where you work, making it more efficient that too, in the existing infrastructure and without incurring any extra cost? 

Objectives of Network

  • To link all stakeholders  to provide a system of delivering effective quality of care.
  • To enable health workers to learn and use quality improvement methods.
  • To facilitate cross learning and experience sharing.
  • To encourage community participation in quality improvement process.
  • To partner with other likeminded institutions in furthering the cause of QI in South Asia.

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